Street Baptism: Drinking, Smoking, West Coasting


So I did a thing and someone wrote a review about it! Check it out here: The Real Life GTA You Didn’t Know You Needed

Street Baptism, designed and directed by Don DeLeon and Tommy Honton, is billed as “a 3-part immersive escape room experience”. In this series of half-hour experiences, which played out over three nights, participants helped Ray Jones navigate three encounters with drug dealers. By solving puzzles, lying to characters, and making a few difficult decisions, we ultimately directed the story toward impressively different conclusions.

I played Terry/Ray, who goes from timid teen to kingpin in a three day, three part experience. This experience was a promotional event called Drinking, Smoking, West-Coasting at the Think Tank Gallery. As aforementioned, this was a immersive escape room experience! It pushed pushed my acting chops by forcing me into the fire of back-to-back 30 min games with new players. Also, each day was a different story, therefore I had to live out my character arch & experiences through the changing storyline. I will admit, it definitely sharpened my improv skills, having to navigate a story line with new new players, different skills levels, and new obstacles that came with it.  Additionally, it garnered me escape room/puzzle solving experience, that gave me a greater appreciation of this arena of acting & entertainment!

Get your experience with Ray at the Stash House Escape Room in Korea Town!

Check out the review here: noproscenium

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