Illinois Tornado Relief

Illinois Tornado Relief Illinoisans to Help Their Fellow Citizens CHICAGO, IL – The Laugh Factory Chicago is urging their fellow Illinoisans to come together and help all those that were affected by the tornadoes in central Illinois including the towns of Washington, Pekin, and Peoria. Starting on Monday, November 25, 2013, the Laugh Factory Chicago […] Continue reading →

Double Mastectomy – The New Two Step

  Love this video. Life is short, live it up and have fun. In addition to the patient dancing, it’s nice to see the doctors and nurses dancing to take some edge off. The medical field is very stressful.  These professionals take the responsibilities treating aliments, learning individual stories, saving & losing patients. Read more…. Continue reading →

White is the New Black

    Thoughts: Dave Wilson banked on black voters not having the political intelligence to look into their candidate and the real issues opposed. He also banked on black voters to be naive enough to be influenced by print, video and  vote on race alone. He was right. Now, it’s up to the voters to […] Continue reading →