Thank You Family & Friends

Thank You Family and Friends,

I am overly grateful for all of you all showing up. Not only did you make the show, you were the show. With out you just showing up, it’s quite possible my show would’ve been cancelled. Additionally, all my stories, jokes, and antidotes were inspired by my colorful upbringing inspired by you.
Words cannot explain the fill of joy, excitement, and support I felt seeing one after another come in to see me. My heart is still overflowing and I  have a renewed dedication to comedy and entertainment because of your support.
As I said on stage, I’m working on a TV series & my comedy special. Look out for it in the next coming months. You can always checkout & subscribe to my website to see what I have coming next. And, as always, reach out to me if you need anything. I got you, just like you had my back!
Thank You!

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